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This is a great find!  This nice soy candle burns clean, and also provides massage oil for rubbing those sore, tired muscles. 

Skinny Dip Candlestm are specially formulated to be used as a warm lotion for moisturizing cuticles and dry skin, as well as a massage oil.  These candles are made with a proprietary blend of high quality, cosmetic-grade soy, avocado oil, coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, vitamin E, and skin-safe essential or fragrance oil.  As an added benefit, the candle in its unmelted state is essentially a body balm. The balm can easily be massaged into dry skin areas when lighting the candle isn't feasible or practical.


Due to its unique ingredient composition, it burns at just over body temperature (about 102 degrees) when melted. . . the temperature of a relaxing, hot bath. Use the

Candle as a warm body moisturizer, or as a soothing treatment for your cuticles, hands, elbows and feet.  You can also use the candle as a massage oil - perfect for couples massage, or for use by professional therapists.  Theycan also be used unmelted if desired.  With a solid texture similar to that of a rich body balm, it can easily be massaged into the skin.

Far more than a novelty, this candle is made to make a truly noticeable difference in skin elasticity and moisture. Using only cosmetic grade soy (NOT soy made for making regular candles), and top quality cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E for their emolient, skin nurturing properties.

Perfect for the day before your marathon  or half marathon.  Also great for a race day rub down after your shower.   Enjoy!

6 oz candle packaged in a tin with lid.

Scent Descriptions:

Ambrosia - An exquisite tropical blend of oranges, coconut, peaches and more (note: same scent as Sex on the Beach, just a different name)

Angel Food Cake - A lovely, soft vanilla scent with deliciously sweet undertones 

Baby Powder - Just like the real thing. . . a delicate, powdery, baby-fresh scent

Bare Naked (Unscented) - For those preferring no scent at all, this one comes sans fragrance (no scent added)

Black Raspberry Vanilla - A luscious blend of dark, juicy raspberries and rich, creamy vanilla 

Cedarwood Sage (EO) REFORMULATED- the rugged scent of cedar with softening touches of sage and corriander - popular with those who love the great outdoors

Chamomile Neroli (EO) - A fabulous, soft scent blending chamomile with a touch of Neroli - delicious!

Chocolate Silk - A decadent chocolate for serious chocoholics - and without any calories!

Creme Brulee - Who can resist this incredibly rich and sinful dessert?! Now we offer the essence of it in our candle that features this amazing scent

Cucumber and Melon - A traditional favorite - the perfect blend of two terrific scents 

Eucalyptus Mint (EO) - A fresh and zippy combination of eucalyptus and spearmint (heavier on the mint)

NEW! Feeling Flirty - A playful and flirtatious scent that smells just like Victoria Secret's incredibly popular Love Spelltm fragrance.

Frankincense & Myrrh (EO) - An amazing essential oil blend. Earthy and exotic, frankincense and myrrh are two of the gifts brought by the Wise Men to Baby Jesus - an exceptional way to celebrate the season

Fresh Apple - Simply the best fresh picked, straight from the tree apple fragrance you'll find - awesome!

Ginger, Sage & Lemongrass (EO) - A delightful, light citrus mix containing three exquisite essential oils - a very "gender neutral" scent

Grapefruit Bergamot (EO) - This light, refreshing scent became a favorite right away .... a sweeter grapefruit with a touch of bergamot to make it truly divine

Honey Almond (EO) - An exquisite, rich blend of essential oils that create an amazing almond and sweet honey scent 

Jasmine & Sandalwood (EO) - A robust floral mix of jasmine with an undertone of sandalwood - rich and exotic

Lavender (EO) Reformulated - A very smooth and ultra-relaxing essential oil blend of english lavender with soft vanilla 

Mandarin Patchouli (EO) - An awesome, exotic blend of mandarin orange and sensual, earthy patchouli

Mango Papaya - A delightful, delectable, tropical blend of mango and papaya 

Margarita - A fabulous blended lime scent - in a candle tin instead of a margarita glass!

Montana Huckleberry - A wonderfully unique, high country wild berry fragrance (caution: do not use this scent in bear country - we're serious!)

Peppermint Thyme (EO) - A lively, mint lover's blend - the peppermint is lovely and not too heavy (and feet love it!) 

Pink Sugar - A heavenly sweet, sugary scent -- This scent is also a specialty scent --  $1.00 from each donated  to breast cancer research. 

Pomegranate Fig - Hard to describe, but an absolutely incredible scent! -- a rich, exquisite fragrance,

NEW! Seduction - A sexy and sultry scent that combines french vanilla, amber and musk

Sex on the Beach - Just like the drink of the same name (same scent as Ambrosia, but with a more provocative name :) 

NEW! So Sexy for Him - An incredible scent just for men, it's a fabulous and masculine cologne type scent!

Spiced Pumpkin - The perfect scent for fall in an exquisite blend for body use -- fresh pumpkin with just the right touch of spice. This is a duplicate of a scent featured at a very high end spa -- you'll love it!

Spring Lilac - An exquisite floral fragrance that spells exactly like fresh, blooming lilacs. (We've never smelled a lilac scent so true!)

NEW! Strawberries & Champagne - What's more romantic than a blend of sensuous strawberries mixed with sparkling white wine? Truly lovely.

Tropical Coconut - The scent of fresh coconuts . . . beaches, suntans and vacations come to mind!

Wedding Cake - Sinfully sweet, rich, and delicious vanilla . . . and perfect for bridal showers, bridesmaids' gifts, and honeymoon surprises

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